How Implant Supported Dentures Can Stop Bone Loss

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Implant supported dentures promote healthy jawbone tissues. They also provide a more comfortable replacement for missing teeth than traditional dentures. These hybrid prosthetics combine the best of implants and dentures to provide patients with artificial teeth that feel like real teeth.

How implant supported dentures prevent bone tissue loss

The installation of implants is a surgical procedure. That means patients should be healthy enough to recover from it. People with conditions like diabetes and immune system disorders might have a harder time healing after surgery. The same applies to those who smoke or drink alcohol regularly.

Patients also need to have enough healthy bone tissues to hold implants in place. People who have worn traditional dentures for a while might no longer have the necessary thickness, since traditional dentures do not prevent the bone tissue loss that occurs when a person loses a tooth.

Those who lack the bone tissue to hold implants in place can get bone grafts to make them eligible for implants. It takes about three months to recover from bone grafts before the patient can proceed with dental implants.

Once a patient has been deemed eligible for implant supported dentures, the dentist will set a date for the installation of the implants. The patient is given a shot of a local anesthetic at the start of the procedure. Four to six holes are drilled into the thickest parts of the half of the patient's jaw being worked on, and implants are inserted into the holes. The implants are given about six months to fuse with bone tissues around them via a process called osseointegration. When this process is over, the implants are firmly held in place, like real teeth roots.

The dentist finishes up the process by attaching dentures to the implants. The dentures can be removable, like traditional dentures, or specialized dentures that are permanently fixed in place. Most patients go with the latter because it allows them to get back to how life was before they lost most of their teeth.

Benefits of implant supported dentures

  • Implant supported dentures prevent the bone tissue loss that often takes place when a tooth falls out; traditional dentures do not address this bone tissue loss
  • Implant supported dentures need to be relined less frequently because jawbone resorption is minimized
  • Certain types of implant supported dentures do not require specialized maintenance
  • Implant supported dentures provide improved stability over traditional dentures; they are firmly held in place, so there is no shifting around when worn
  • People who go with implant supported dentures get to enjoy a wider range of dishes

Preserve your jawbone

Implants are the only oral prosthetics that replace lost teeth roots, which help keep your jaw healthy. Consider replacing missing teeth with a solution that involves implants, like implant dentures. Call or visit our Chicago clinic to start the process.

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