Are Implant Supported Dentures Permanent?

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People who are unfamiliar with implant supported dentures and are considering them may wonder whether or not they are a permanent restoration. In short, yes, implant-supported dentures are permanent. This dental option is one of the solutions for those who have lost all or most of their teeth. This article focuses on implant supported dentures and how they work to restore lost teeth permanently.

An over of implant dentures

When it comes to defining what counts as permanent, there are numerous definitions on the web. Dentists do not often use the term, so a precise definition is hard to give. When the word “permanent” is used to describe a dental restoration, it is usually used as a reference to something fixed inside the mouth. It could also refer to a treatment that is long-lasting and not temporary.

Dentures called “immediate dentures” can be placed soon after extracting what is left of the permanent adult teeth. There is a short waiting time before placing a permanent option such as implant supported dentures, but the short wait has its benefits. Therefore, patients must not allow the fear of spending more time in the dentist’s chair to stop them from getting what is perhaps the most reliable and reliable way to replace several missing teeth at once.

Dental technology advancement

A fixed variety of dentures, also known as implant supported dentures, are held firmly in place inside the mouth with dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts surgically and strategically placed inside the jawbone to replace the root of the missing or extracted teeth. Crowns or dentures are fixed to the implants, bearing the semblance of real teeth. With only two to six implants inside the jaw, dentists can restore an entire arch of lost teeth with a removable or fixed appliance.

Pros and cons of permanent implant supported dentures

It is advisable that patients who are looking to get implantnsupported dentures learn everything they can before committing to the process. There are advantages and drawbacks to permanent dentures that are worthy of consideration. Positives of permanent implant supported dentures would note that they are significantly stable. They are more reliable in the mouth and can boost the person’s confidence because of how natural they look.

As far as the drawbacks, a dental implant takes a longer time to complete and is relatively invasive because it is a surgical procedure. Patients might experience slight discomfort after the surgery. Finally, the process can take several months to complete because the jawbone needs to fuse around the implant. However, once the procedure is complete and patients take adequate proper care of their dental restoration, there is the chance that the implant supported dentures will last for several decades or more.

Get started today

Fot those that have lost most or all their permanent teeth, considering implant supported dentures is an option to look into. They are reliable and provide a permanent fix. To learn more about the process, book an appointment with the dentist.

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