Emergency Dentist Visit for Children

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Looking for an emergency dentist just in case your children ever happen to experience a dental emergency? Good idea. While there are some pediatric dentists who offer emergency dental services, not all do. The ones who do understand the importance of providing emergency dental care services, especially when the emergency has to do with children. Emergency dental services can even mean the difference between losing a tooth and saving a tooth.

An emergency dentist visit for children

Wondering what happens when your child needs an emergency dentist? An emergency visit to a pediatric dental office starts by making your child feel as safe. It is important for them to be calm and comfortable so that the dentist can examine their mouth in order to understand the situation.

When is it a dental emergency?

The following is a list that explains what is considered to be a dental emergency and what can wait a day or two to be seen by a dentist. Whenever a child experiences a dental emergency, parents need to call their emergency dentist as soon as possible to provide them with the details of the injury. The dental office will then tell them what their next step is, which needs to be done to ensure that the child receives their necessary treatment.

Knocked out tooth – dental emergency

A tooth that is completely knocked out of the mouth is considered to be a dental emergency and should be seen by an emergency dentist within an hour. While placing the tooth back into its socket is preferred, it can also be placed on the inside of the cheek or in a glass of milk.

Swollen or bleeding gums – dental emergency

Gums that are swollen or bleeding are a sign that something is wrong. If a cold compress does not reduce the swelling after 30 minutes, an emergency dental trip is necessary. If the bleeding does not stop within 20 minutes after applying gentle pressure, emergency dental care is necessary.

Severe mouth pain – dental emergency

A toothache is often the cause of severe mouth pain. When mouth pain is so severe that a child cannot focus on anything else, they need to see an emergency dentist for treatment. Over the counter pain relievers can be given to the child until the time of the appointment.

Lost or loose fillings – can wait

A lost or loose dental filling can wait to be treated by an experienced dentist unless there is a lot of pain involved. It is necessary to make an appointment as soon as possible, as there is a chance that the tooth can experience further damage.

Chipped, cracked or broken tooth – can wait

A tooth that has been chipped, cracked or broken can wait to be seen by a dentist if there is no pain involved. The child should be seen by a dentist for damaged tooth treatment within a week.

Need an emergency dentist for your children?

If you need an emergency dentist right now, please call us right now for assistance. If you are wanting to find an emergency dentist for your children to address any potential future emergencies they may experience, then we invite you to come meet our friendly dental team when you have a few moments to give.

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