Do General Dentists Fit Patients With Dentures?

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If you are missing most or all of your teeth, general dentists may recommend getting dentures. Dentures are popular options for replacing lost teeth. Life can be more difficult when you have no teeth. Simple processes like speech and eating become a challenge. With dentures, you can get your smile back. General dentists can fit their patients with dentures, and this article describes the processes involved.

Getting new dentures for missing teeth

The time required from start to the completion of the denture-fitting process depends on certain factors, including whether the patient needs to undergo teeth extraction. If no removal is required, the process should take between three to four appointments.

Teeth extraction extends the duration of the procedure because the gums need time to heal, and that could take a few months. The nature of the extraction and the patient’s oral health are crucial factors that determine healing time. After healing, the dentist can commence the denture fitting process.

The first step

There are multiple steps for producing a complete set of dentures. The dentist will start by making impressions of the ridges in the patient’s oral cavity. Measures will also be taken to ensure accurate bite patterns and alignment. The process may also entail making a wax model of the prosthetic teeth so the dentist can make sure the dentures will fit correctly. The model and impressions will be forwarded to the dental lab for fabrication.

Adjustment appointment

When the dentures are ready, the patient will return to the dental office. During the appointment, the dentist will adjust the mockup. The adjustments are required so the final dentures match the patient’s facial features. The prosthetic teeth must be of proper length and width, or they will appear awkward in the patient’s mouth.

Fitting the dentures

After completing the final adjustments, the dentist will have the patient wear the dentures. Sometimes, additional adjustments might be required afterward. Often, the patient may experience sores after wearing the dentures for a while. Follow-up appointments are required to adjust ill-fitting dentures and ensure comfortable use.

Immediate dentures

In some cases, a patient cannot go without teeth for a long time. In this situation, general dentists may provide temporary or immediate dentures. The process is somewhat different because they will take impressions and models when the patient still has teeth. The patient will get the dentures as soon as teeth extraction is complete.

The production of temporary dentures may need multiple appointments before teeth extraction. The process is the same as a permanent denture, but since they are made beforehand, it is hard to tell how well they will fit in the mouth after the teeth are removed. After the gums heal, patients can return to get permanent dentures.

In conclusion

If you have lost all your teeth or still have a few awaiting extractions, general dentists can fit you with dentures to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

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