What to Expect at a Smile Makeover Consultation

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Many people who want to improve the appearance of their smile get a professional smile makeover. Because the look of a smile can play a large part in a person's self-confidence, making positive cosmetic changes to the mouth can help increase personal satisfaction and self-esteem. Discover what to expect at a smile makeover consultation. 

Professional examination

Before recommending a treatment plan, a dental professional should closely examine several factors to determine which course of action to take. Here are some of the areas typically considered during this process. 

Structure of the face and mouth

Someone with a smaller mouth and longer face will most likely need a different treatment plan than someone with a larger mouth and rounder face. It is important that the structure of the smile matches the overall structure of the face and mouth. In some cases, this means the shape of the smile needs to be adjusted.

Oral health

Some people are not able to start with cosmetic procedures because there are more urgent dental needs. Before aesthetic enhancement can take place, the mouth should be in a general state of good health. This may mean filling cavities, treating gingivitis and healing abscesses prior to beginning less critical procedures. Establishing good oral health and hygiene can help ensure that the effects of the treatment plan last.

Position of the teeth

In many cases, the position of the teeth has a large impact on the appearance of a smile. How satisfied a person is with their smile can be greatly affected by gaps in teeth, crooked teeth and teeth that have been chipped or broken. There are many different strategies dental professionals can employ to remedy these and other teeth positioning issues. This means two patients with similar concerns may each receive a different treatment plan. Due to additional factors such as oral health and facial structure, it is helpful and necessary for dental professionals to have multiple options available to treat similar issues.  

Gum and lip appearance 

Healthy gums are a prerequisite for most cosmetic dental procedures. To avoid infection and unnecessary complications, a dental professional should ascertain whether the gums are healthy enough to tackle issues like stained or twisted teeth. Procedures performed in cases with infected gums or gingivitis can have higher risks of rejection or failure.

While lip appearance may not seem critical to a dental procedure, it can be when dealing with concerns like an over- or underbite or the length of the teeth. The lips frame the teeth and form the margins of the smile. More of the gums may be visible when someone with smaller lips smiles than someone with larger lips. These are all factors a dental professional takes into consideration when recommending a course of treatment. 


A smile makeover can transform not only the appearance of a smile but a person's self-confidence. Expect a consultation for something of this nature to be thorough and take many factors into account. This helps ensure all procedures go smoothly and patients are satisfied with the results. 

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