Can a Dental Implant Be Replaced?

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No matter one's income level, a dental implant can be a costly investment. Some range as high as over $3,000, and in the United States the procedure is often not covered by medical insurance. While some companies do cover implants and injuries related to them, this is not universal, so many who must invest in one have a sizable chunk taken out of their accounts or savings.

With how pricey these procedures can be, it is no wonder that when people get an implant, they want it to last. However, as with all things, there is always the chance of failure. So the question remains: Can you replace a dental implant? Fortunately, in many cases it is possible.

The basics of replacement

While dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, there are plenty of reasons why an implant can end up failing. It could be due to infection, a wobbly implant, or other factors. When an implant fails, not everyone decides to replace them, especially because they are so expensive. Some decide to get partial dentures, and others decide to get bridges. These are both valid options that patients can pursue in place of a replacement.

What is the procedure?

The process of getting a new implant is basically the same as getting the old one. It does not matter when the implant failed. Some implants fail weeks after the procedure, and in other cases it can take several years. In either case, a patient must schedule an appointment with the dentist, who performs an outpatient procedure to remove the old implant and install the new one.

If the hole where the implant is clean and there is no bone damage in the affected area, then the dentist should not need to make a bone graft to accommodate the new implant. If there is bone damage, however, a bone graft may be necessary to ensure that the new implant gets applied properly.

Regardless of what route the dentist wishes to take with the replacement, a dental professional can keep the risk factors in mind. This helps ensure that the second implant succeeds where the first failed.

What are the chances of the dental implant succeeding the second time?

Implants are generally considered a very risk-free process with a low rate of failure, with replacements at a slightly higher risk. According to a survey of studies collected in 2014, the rate of success can vary widely, from 71% to 9%. However, so long as proper precautions are taken by both the patient and the dentist, implant replacement can be a smooth and easy process.

Further information

Dental implants are a huge investment that patients understandably want to get a return on. With the right dentist and by following the post-implant procedures and best practices, getting a replacement can be easy and, most importantly, there to stay for years to come. For more information or to get an implant replacement, please contact your dentist and schedule an appointment.

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