Common Procedures Performed by a Kid Friendly Dentist in Chicago

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It is important for parents to keep their children in good health, which is why it is a good idea to visit a kid-friendly dentist in Chicago. Children's youth years are the time they are vulnerable to many dental problems. A kid-friendly dentist can perform corrective and preventive treatments to protect the child’s oral health as they grow and develop.

Common procedures

The following are some of the services provided by a kid-friendly dentist.

Dental cleaning

Also known as an oral prophylaxis, the procedure involves using handheld tools to clean the child’s teeth and gums thoroughly. After the cleaning, the kid-friendly dentist will provide additional instructions on oral care and explain why parents need to ensure their child’s teeth stay clean.

Fluoride application

Fluoride application is done using two techniques – trays or a paint-on method. Both techniques are effective for delivering the required amount of fluoride. The choice is mostly about comfort and what the child prefers. Fluoride is meant to remineralize the tooth enamel and make it less vulnerable to tooth cavities.

Dental sealants

Kid-friendly dentists apply sealants to pits and fissures of a child’s teeth. It is advisable to apply the sealants on the molars and premolar teeth as soon as they erupt. This will reduce the risk of tooth cavities, especially in the initial stage. With proper care, the sealants can protect the chewing surfaces of the child’s teeth effectively by keeping out food debris and plaque.

Dental filling

This is a procedure mostly used to treat a tooth that has developed a cavity. The kid-friendly dentist will remove the decay and repair the tooth with composite resin material. The filling will prevent the decay from reaching the inner layers of the tooth.

Pulp treatment

The pulp lies at the center of a tooth and contains blood vessels and connective tissues. The purpose of the treatment is to save an infected tooth from extraction until the permanent tooth erupts. This ensures the child’s smile stays intact and prevents a case of teeth misalignment. Trauma and tooth cavities are the main causes of infection. During the procedure, the kid-friendly dentist will remove the infected pulp and place an antibacterial gel inside the tooth to stop bacteria. After the procedure, the dentist will protect the tooth with a crown.

Tooth removal

This process is important for different reasons, including the risk of infection, preparation for orthodontic treatment, teeth overlapping, overcrowding and large cavities that are beyond repair.

Space maintainers

Kid-friendly dentists provide space maintainers to hold necessary space for incoming permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is lost prematurely, the nearby teeth may begin to shift into the area, causing teeth misalignment and necessitating future orthodontic treatment. The space maintainers will prevent other teeth from drifting. The devices are created specifically for the child and are a more affordable and convenient option than orthodontic treatment.

Final note

The dental procedures offered by a kid-friendly dentist are necessary to keep a child’s oral cavity in good condition. If children require the services of a kid-friendly dentist, book an appointment immediately.

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