Ask a Kid Friendly Dentist: What Are Stainless Steel Crowns?

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A kid friendly dentist can do much more than performing a routine examination on your child’s teeth and gum. The dentist also provides important restorative care when your son or daughter has a large cavity. Tooth decay can be common among young patients. When this occurs, the child is at risk of losing the tooth. Stainless steel crowns are a good alternative to this step.

The causes of tooth decay

People of all ages can get cavities. Children are no exception, and this condition often shows up in the back teeth. Poor brushing habits are a major cause of tooth decay. Children may neglect this task or may not brush effectively. Parents should help children brush often and correctly. Eating sugary foods or drinking beverages high in sugar can also lead to cavities in the molars.

A description of the crowns

Made of durable stainless steel, these crowns fit over the entire tooth and protect it from further decay. The child’s kid friendly dentist may use stainless steel instead of silver amalgam or composite resin. The crown will fall out with the baby tooth, but until this time, it should last up to four years. It is natural-looking in size and shape. The dentist will polish it, giving it a clean, smooth appearance.

Why the kid friendly dentist uses a crown

With many cavities, the dentist can drill into the tooth, remove the decay, and fill the space. However, if the decay is significant, the patient may risk losing the entire tooth. Though the baby tooth will eventually fall out, this might not be the right option for young children. To preserve the tooth as long as possible, the crown stabilizes it and keeps it from further damage. The stainless steel crown will ensure that there is enough space in the mouth for the incoming permanent tooth.

The process

Putting a stainless steel crown over a baby tooth is similar to getting a filling. The kid friendly dentist numbs the patient and drills into the affected tooth. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth of decay, the dentist sanitizes it. Next, the dentist fills the space and then places the cap over it.


Children should treat crowns just like natural teeth. The crown can bite into food and chew normally. Regular dental care is also important. The child’s kid friendly dentist will instruct the young patient to brush the crown twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste. The dentist will also regularly follow up with the child and check on the crown to make sure it is firmly in place and protecting the tooth.

A different approaching to relieving pain

Cavities can cause discomfort and pain. Instead of removing your child’s baby tooth, the kid friendly dentist may decide that a stainless steel cap is the right treatment. Talk to the dentist about this procedure and whether it makes sense in your child’s case. You can rest at ease knowing that the crown can preserve the baby tooth and restore its full function.

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